Restaurants in Portland

An Amazing Array of Fine Restaurants for Such a Small City

“Tonight they were heading for Arno, the city’s latest northern Italian hotspot. As usual, it was Kyra’s choice. McCabe’s restaurant habits were as predictable as they were unadventurous. He pretty much always ordered the same thing- a rare New York strip steak, preceded by a single malt scotch-no ice- and accompanied by a couple of bottles of cold Shipyard Ale. Kyra, on the other hand, was a real foodie. She was looking forward to one of Arno’s specialties, “Duck-meat ravioli, served,” she recited, practically drooling, “in a light brown sauce with thin slices of rare grilled duck.” From The Cutting

From French bistro to classic Greek to contemporary Thai, Portland offers an amazing array of fine restaurants for such a small city.

Arno is unfortunately fictitious but here are just a few of McCabe’s real Portland favorites.


Artemesia 61 Pleasant Street


The Grill Room
84 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 774-BEEF

The Blue Spoon
89 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04101

(207) 773-1110

547 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04101

(207) 221-0245


Maine Wharf, 68Commercial Street, Portland, Maine 04101

(207) 805-0444

10 Dana Street, Portland, Maine 04101

(207) 772-1330


Fore Street

288 Fore Street, Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 775-2717

555 Congress Street, Portland, Maine 04101

(207) 761-0555