The Arts Scene - Portland Maine

“McCabe watched Kyra’s face, animated and alive, as she described a new series of figure studies she was working on, small oils of young dancers, bodies abstracted in fluid athletic poses. He found her quite irresistible, watching her when she didn’t know he was watching. In the end, he was happy shutting out the words and concentrating instead on the smooth peaty burn of the Scotch as it traced its way down his throat, wondering for the hundredth time how he’d managed to attract this sensual, sensitive woman.” From The Cutting

It’s no surprise that when McCabe moved to Portland he fell in love with an artist. The town’s full of them. Portland is home to many galleries. Kyra’s Gallery North Space exists only in the imagination but some of the real ones that offer works that will delight the eye and thrill the imagination include:

Greenhut Gallery,
June Fitzpatrick Gallery,
The Space Gallery,
Whitney Art Works,
Holly Ready Gallery,

Portland’s also home to one of the country’s best small museums, the I.M. Pei designed Portland Museum of Art and MECA (the Maine College of Art) a nationally known and respected college of art.